Linazay RBL Branch has adopted for its annual ceremonial commitments the Victory in Europe & Armistice Day parades at the village of Linazay and the three ceremonial events connected with “Operation Bulbasket” remembering the ill fated operation by members of B Squadron 1st SAS Regiment from June - August 1944 who, whilst operating behind enemy lines, were captured and executed. A comprehensive brief on this daring operation and its tragic consequences can be found at the following link:
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The monument in the forest near Verrières in the Vienne, the site is where the ill fated SAS group were captured after a fire-fight with German infantry and the monument commemorates those killed at the site, seven French Resistance fighters and one British Officer, Lt Stephens, who was taken to the village where he was publicly beaten and humiliated before being executed.

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Assembly at the Stele Memorial in the forest of St Sauvant where the men were executed and their bodies put into mass graves
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In the cemetery at Rom where, after the war, the bodies of the men were re-interred in Commonwealth War Graves.